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Structured by our philosophy to Discover, Develop & Deliver®, our team provide a vast array of commercial consulting services to assist in the changes you would like to implement into your corporate culture and commercial operations.

Sales & Marketing

Sales Enablement

Using our trademarked sales methodology and principles, we enable and support your sales teams with;

  • Sales strategy and initiatives
  • Sales process & policy design & implementation
  • Key account management structure, planning & delivery
  • Sales CRM adoption and cadence management
  • Professional development and mentoring
Product Management

Product Management

Full life cycle product strategy;

  • Product readiness & go-to market planning
  • Product compliance & approvals
  • Aftermarket service & support plans
  • Life cycle cost development & management
  • Competitor market analysis
  • Distribution strategy
  • Product training design and delivery
Organisational Design

Organisational Design

Aligning culture, capability and technology to the customer;

  • Current state scorecards
  • Governance
  • Culture
  • Technology adoption
  • Corporate and operational integrations
  • Best practise design to suit leverage your business
Change Management

Change Management

Facilitating in change management through;

  • Transformation strategies
  • Tools and training
  • Program management and CTO establishment
  • Persona driven communication strategies
  • Product & services customer change management
Project & Program Management

Project and Program Management

Aiding our clients in project and program management through;

  • Development and implementation of customised Project Management requirements for simple and complex projects
  • Establishment and facilitation of enterprise project management office
  • Large/complex tender leads
Professional Development

Professional Development

Benefiting from Commercial experience and  proven trademarked philosophy of Discover, Develop, Deliver®  Our team provide “on the job” mentoring to your team that focuses on:

  • Team Leadership
  • Customer buying behaviours
  • Developing influence, rapport and trusted customer
  • Relationships
  • Customer value propositions
  • Customer change management
  • Negotiation & deal closing strategies
Process Design

Process Design

Assisting our clients in commercial process design through;

  • Enterprise assessments
  • Development of intelligent and agile workflows
  • Enabling business process through technology

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